Felizmente, podemos transformar nosso Apple Watch em um relógio de luxo!! É um aplicativo gratuito para projetar watchface e é super fácil de usar. Você pode enviar as watchfaces e sincronizá-los no seu relógio através do aplicativo!

Aqui está um tutorial para o aplicativo e alguns lindos mostradores para mulheres que eu adoraria compartilhar com você!

1. Download the Clockology app on your iPhone.

You can download the app directly from the iPhone App Store. If the app does not automatically install on your Apple Watch, open the Watch app on iPhone, search for Clockology in the available apps and click “Install”.

2. Set up “always on” for the Clockology app.

On the Watch app on iPhone, go to “General”, “Wake Screen”, and click Clockology in the app section. For “Return to clock”, choose “Custom” and “After 1 hour”. This allows the Clockology app to stay on every time you raise your watch.

3. Activate the Clockology app on Apple Watch.

To activate the app and hide the digital clock from the watch screen while using the app, download this Beta file on your iPhone through Safari. Click to open the file in the Clockology app on your phone.

Long press the Beta File on the iPhone Clockology app, and sync the file to the Apple Watch. You will see some default watch faces appearing on your Apple Watch. 

If you couldn’t get your app to work (e.g. missing sync button, app won’t respond), make sure your App is updated to the newest version. Restart both your Apple Watch and iPhone. Open the Clockology app on your iphone, click “Edit” the Beta File, and retry the sync process.

4. Now for the fun part! Submit dials!

Our team has designed several Apple Watch watch faces, and you will absolutely fall in love with them! You can select them in our app, and upload them to the Clockology app and sync them with your watch.

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